Mazda 3 Sedan BSD City


All-New Mazda3 embodies two characters. Sporty curves elicit a sense of excitement and freedom in the Hatch. Sleek and elegant proportions give the impression of a single, dignified brushstroke in the Sedan.


With the available suite of i-Activsense® safety features, sophisticated safety innovations alert you to hazards to help you avoid collisions––or lessen their impact. These features help improve your visibility and awareness of the road and help monitor the traffic conditions around you.


Every aspect of the Mazda3 is engineered to work in harmony with your sensibilities. A suspension that considers the way the human body moves naturally––and balances to the car’s movements––for improved handling and comfort. And engine technology that offers impressive fuel efficiency without compromising performance. Countless efforts have been made to enhance the joy from driving through a completely holistic, smarter approach.

Active Driving Display

A heads-up display that can provide all sorts of relevant information. Not only will it tell you how fast you’re going, but it will also tell you navigation directions, and more.


The intuitive New Mazda Connect™ Infotainment System with 8.8″ display helps you stay connected to your music, entertainment, friends and family, all while staying focused on the road. The optimally positioned multifunction Commander control lets you navigate the system’s features without distraction.

7-inch Display on meter

The new 7-inch TFT instrument panel display all your key information in stunning clarity. Allows you to access relevant information needed while driving minus the distraction, makes your driving experience more relaxing, and most of all, safer.

Syahid Sugiarto
Marketing Consultant
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